Hachi enables natural language as an interface to search information across Videos and Images, and additionally offers Face-Recognition, to tag and search quickly using just a face across image collections.

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Video search

Search for scenes, objects, persons via text queries while playing video at the same time.

Index locally

Index videos and images just ONCE and start searching. All Index are stored locally , enabling a lightning fast search experience.

Image search

Search through your image collections via a text query. Easily find desired photos and inspiration.

Face Recognition

Face Recognition allows you to search for yourself or your loved ones across all images. This runs fully local, so fearlessly use technology to search even for personal moments.

privacy focused

Privacy focused

This app only works OFFLINE, It is your data so only you should be able to search across that data. Fully private and offline by default.

Full Database Search

Full database search allows users to search across ALL of the Indexed videos and Images using just a text query.


What are the minimum hardware requirements ?

A Quad-core cpu with AVX2 instructions and atleast 4GB RAM. Currently we support only x86_64 architectures.

What is Hachi?

Hachi is a Japanese word primarily meaning eight, but we chose it as a reference to a worker Bee.

Hachi is a tool to enable Natural Language interface to search information across Videos and Images. Additionally it also allows more specific search like face-recognition across whole image collections.
It runs on user's device as a self-hosted webapp with NO dependence on INTERNET in any manner.

Why this product ?

We started working on this for personal reasons, as we find existing solutions to be either too cumbersome to use or not robust enough to handle all types of queries. We aim to develop a fast and powerful interface to search media data on consumer-grade CPUs allowing maximum users to take full advantage of powerful text-vision models.

What personal data do you store ?

You don't need to sign-up to purchase the product. We only store the email and hashed-password whenever you signup on our servers. All payment-related information is processed by Gumroad. Your credit card or PayPal credentials are never directly handled by or stored on Ramanlabs.in servers.

What are Licensing Conditions ?

End user License is only applicable on PAID product and allows only for Personal and Non-Commercial use. Hachi Github code is open-source under the GNU Affero General Public License Version 3 (AGPLv3) or any later version. You can find it here.